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Aki Ten Bonsai
Aki Ten Bonsai
Aki Ten Bonsai
Dear AKI TEN 2023 visitors,
the Bonsai Club Brixen is once again highly motivated to embellish the AKI TEN 4.0 with wonderful bonsai trees and to present an additional high-quality programme.

A lot friends from across Europe are looking forward to presenting their bonsai rarities. We will be welcoming Mario Komsta from Madrid/Spain, one of the most popular bonsai designers outside Japan and Giacomo Pappalardo, from A Coruña/Spain who will introduce us to the techniques of bonsai design und refinement in various different ways.

With the staging of the fourth Ceramic Contest, we would like to once again offer bonsai ceramics a framework to compare creatively designed bonsai pots. We are already looking forward to admiring the extraordinary planted pots from 2021 in the special show.

This year, Tiberio Gracco, a very special ceramic artist from Pompei/Italy, will give us an insight into the modern art of bonsai pottery with a demo on a 60cm potter’s wheel.

Our special show on the theme "Wabi&Sabi", Perception of Beauty, will be a highlight. It will include extraordinary sculptures and plants, where people and nature, as well as environment and time, have created something very special. It will be a surprise.

With our small but fine retailer area, we’ll present a selection of bonsai trees, modern and classic bonsai ceramics, as well as bonsai tables and any type of accessories.

Our Bonsai Party at the gourmet hotel Elephant in Brixen has become a must for every gourmet, too.

Our aim is once again to offer all friends and interested people from far and wide an excellent exhibition and an interesting additional programme. In doing so, we are once again providing a meeting place where friendships, the joy and the enthusiasm for bonsai trees, ceramics and culinary delights can be enjoyed in the heart of the South Tyrolean Dolomites.

As President of the Bonsai Club Brixen, together with my team, I am looking forward to welcoming you and in the meantime, I wish you all the best and a lot of joy with bonsai trees.

Helmut Bachmann
President of the Bonsai Club Brixen
Aki Ten